The heart chakra

The fourth Chakra.

Where is it?

At your heart centre – the centre of the chest on the sternum.

Other Names

Anahata, which in Sanskrit means unhurt, unstuck and unbeaten.

Element: Air

Meaning: Passion, tenderness, inner-child issues, resentment.

Colour: Green

Essential Oils: Frankincense, Geranium, Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang.

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Jade, Amazonite, Malachite.

Signs of a Blocked or Imbalanced Heart Chakra

Shyness, loneliness, depression or anxiety, difficulty forgiving or having empathy. You tend to put yourself in the role of either the saviour or the victim and have a hard time trusting others. Physically it can have an impact on circulation, possible heart and respiratory issues or high/low blood pressure (NB: these can be very serious, life-threatening issues. Please, PLEASE do not rely on crystals or meditation to fix blood pressure or respiratory or heart issues. Ring an ambulance or see your doctor).  If the Heart Chakra is over-active you may experience issues with co-dependency, jealousy, expecting too much of others or being a bit too judge-y, or a need for acceptance.  

How to Unblock or Re-Balance

Anything that brings love and joy into your life. Love is everything. Fill your heart with so much love and gratitude that fear and worry feel uncomfortable and leave.  Love is all encompassing and all powerful.

“The only thing we take when we leave this earth is the love we gave and the love we received” – James VanPraagh.

  • Keep a gratitude journal. You may think you have nothing to be grateful for, but you do. Start with 3 things every day.
  • Eat your greens. Green is the colour of the Heart Chakra, so get more of that good stuff into you. Leafy greens like broccoli, kale, spinach, bok choi and seaweed, and herbs like oregano, parsley, chives, coriander (unless you think it’s grown by Satan) and the Scarborough Fair 3 – sage, rosemary and thyme.
  • Drink green, too. Green tea, green smoothies (chuck in some matcha powder). Other heart opening drinks are rose tea and cacao.
  • Heart opening meditations. I’ll be adding a page to my website with links to meditations I find helpful. Hold one of the crystals mentioned while you meditate if you have one, but that’s not necessary, I don’t think.


The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier

Practical Guide to Chakras and Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia

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