crown chakra

Where is it?

The seventh and final chakra, it’s located, as the name states, at the top of the head.

Represented by the Lotus flower, the Sanskrit name for the Crown Chakra is ‘Sahasrara’, which translates as ‘thousand’ or ‘infinite’.


Violet (the colour of spirituality) and white.


Positivity, gratitude, compassion and acceptance.

When the Crown activates, it brings a positive outlook on life – you may find you are no longer ruled by ego and you reject all negative thoughts that may bring unhappiness or stress to your life.

It is said that your Crown Chakra is your bridge to the divine, so it stands to reason that a healthy, activated Crown will bring a new level of spiritual awareness, connection to the universe and inner wisdom. We tend to look beyond the material when our Crown is balanced. We find a deeper meaning to life and look for connection with the divine. While this sounds a bit woo-woo and full on, it’s as simple as practicing prayer or meditation – whatever floats your boat.

Empathy and self-awareness are also characteristics of a balanced and activated Crown. Recognising the value in all life – other humans, animals and plants. You may find you have an elevated level of tolerance, you stop judging people just because they don’t think/dress/conduct themselves in the way you think they should. A real ‘live and let live’ mindset.

Violet is a unifying colour that contains all the qualities of the other chakras when activated. It can bring strong emotions of letting go, of transformation and profound change.

Signs Your Crown Chakra is Blocked or Unbalanced

  • Experience confusion or indecision
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Feel cynical, apathetic, selfish and sarcastic
  • Spiritual addiction or self-destructive tendencies
  • Lose the ability to look beyond the material and prioritise money and possessions above all else.
  • As the Crown chakra is linked to the brain, physical symptoms can include headaches and migraines, difficulty concentrating, brain fog and issues sleeping.
  • An overactive Crown can lead to a loss of a sense of balance – the neglect of physical wellbeing to chase spiritual perfection

All of this can have us feeling lost, depressed and/or anxious.

How to Heal, Open and Balance the Crown

Either blocked and underactive or overactive, here are some things to try to balance your crown:

  • Physical movement
  • Get into a regular sleep pattern
  • Grounding or mindfulness meditations/techniques to help focus on the present
  • Activities that help unblock the Root chakra (yep, being the top and the bottom, the two are indeed linked)
  • Guided meditations. (
  • Eat plenty of natural, wholesome foods, like fruit and veggies, brown rice, brown bread and broths. Violet coloured foods like eggplant, beetroot and red grapes, herbal teas and ginger.


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