Honestly, for me, as far as crystals go, the jury is still out. I do love having them around, though. I don’t know a great deal about them and how they work, but I do want to learn, and thought you may want to learn along with me.

Rose Quartz is usually the first crystal any of us ever own. I’m not a fan of pink as a rule, but for whatever reason the pink of rose quartz makes me feel peaceful. 

I quote directly here from The Liquid Crystal Oracle by Jason Moikeha Adar:

“It’s abundance in the world shows its importance with humanity and our need for its powerful healing qualities”.

Rose Quartz is all about love and forgiveness, and that includes for ourselves. It can “lead one to understand the infinite nature of the open heart and that all can be healed”.

Hold your rose quartz to your heart chakra and affirm:

‘I am love and I am loved. I forgive and I am forgiven. I am whole’.