“You have been criticising yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens” – Louise Hay. 

Trying to get our body right first will never work. I’ve tried, and I’m guessing so have you. They say getting the right mindset is half the battle. To that, I say bollocks – it’s 100% of the battle.  It’s all about getting your mind around the fact that you need to stop trying to lose weight. Shock and horror, I know. I believe the days of ‘thin at all costs’ are long gone. We make ourselves way more unwell by the constant stress and mental anguish over good food, bad food, the number printed inside a dress or showing on a scale. 

It’s not worth it.

I’ll help you prioritse your health and wellbeing, look at the Non-diet approach to weight loss and overall health, and before you know it you’ll be wanting to do the best you can for that beautiful body of yours. 

Ready to make peace with your bod? 

“No amount of self-improvement will make up for a lack of self-acceptance” – Robert Holden