Why am I here? 

Because I have a message. 

I’m well angry, and here’s why. 

I have been fat and lazy my whole life.  Or that’s what I believed, at least. I have never been thin, or felt thin. I was never into sport, or being active or getting fit. I never felt ‘normal’. 

I failed at Weight Watchers (3 times), Tony Ferguson, and the old Herbalife. I HATE eating in front of anyone I’m not 100% comfortable with. I remember begging a boyfriend to not invite me for dinner the first time I met his family. Visit, fine, not dinner. I felt like if I was hungry, I was weak. If I ate, I was a fat pig. I felt like people were constantly judging me if I ate in front of them.  I’ve been yelled at from passing cars, received un-solicited weight loss advice, been told I was too fat to be a dancer, and was even told on one occasion that ‘the clothes in this shop are all small’. A friend even advised against me travelling to Bali for fear the locals would make fun of me for being big.

Any of this ringing bells?

If you’re reading this, then you could be just like me, in one way or another. Perhaps a bit older, perhaps not, struggled with a weight issue (either real or percieved) most of your life, have body image dramas (who doesn’t) and you think it’s either too late to turn things around. Or that you are just a failure or incapable of turning things around. 

Let me tell you – 

  • You’re NOT a failure
  • You’re NOT incapable
  • It’s NEVER too late

I stepped inside a gym with purpose when I was 49 years old. Nearly 3 years later, I’m still there. Some days I STILL can’t believe that I go there by choice, that I look forward to going. I mean, I was the fat lazy chick who’d catch a taxi to the bus stop. What happened?

I changed what I believed about myself. 

Then I got angry. Angry at the messages we are getting, angry at the companies selling ‘health’ for a profit, and angry at everything that makes us feel sub-human simply because we don’t fit into a specific body-type mold, big or small.

Things need to change. If we are to get truly healthy, our priorities and the way we approach health and wellbeing needs to change: 

  • Mind first.
  • Then spirit
  • THEN body

Health and wellness begin with the mind. I believe that no one will ever choose the best for their physical body unless they have learned to love it unconditionally. In ‘as is’ condition. Weight loss companies have systems designed to see us fail. Our overall health is being judged by a simple calculation that takes into account nothing more than our height and weight. We are made to feel like weak failures at every turn, yet the message is ‘lose weight and get fit and THEN you’ll be happy’.

My goal is to help every person who has ever felt deflated, attacked, laughed at or ridiculed about their physical appearance learn to love their bodies SO MUCH that they can’t wait to do the very best by their body that they possibly can, that the laughter just becomes white noise, and they never feel defeated again.

 What makes me the right Wellbeing and Nutrition Coach? I mean – look at me. I’m a bit older, I’m a bit chonky and I didn’t start any kind of serious regular training until quite late in life.

To look at me, you might think I have no clue about health, fitness or nutrition.

Those things, though, are what make me the perfect coach 🙂

Whatever it is you’re going through, I’ve been there, done that. In fact, STILL there, STILL doing that.

I know what it’s like to be stuck on the diet roundabout of doom. I’ve counted everything from points, to grams to calories and macros. I’ve lived on shakes and other nasty stuff (who remembers Herbalife? Blech!!). I’ve avoided exercise like the plague. I’ve starved myself before ‘weigh in’ so I could feel like I achieved something.

I’ve worried way too much about what other people think. I’ve let strangers comments bother me. I’ve let consistent failures get to me, and give me a defeatist mindset (I’m just going to fail again, so why bother even trying?).

And that mindset is EVERYTHING.

I got a new mindset, replaced limiting beliefs about myself with new ones, and changed my whole attitude. About  many things.

And that personal experience, my friends, is what makes me a great coach 🙂

Wanna chat?

I want you to think about this seriously. If you can, spend 5 quiet minutes today thinking about what is stopping you doing whatever it is you wish you ‘could’ do.

Obviously I’m primarily referring to nutrition and health, but this really applies to any part of your life –

🥗Your health
🏃‍♀️Your fitness
💻Your job
🌴That sea change move
📖Writing that book

If there is something about your life you wish you ‘could’ change, or which was different, ask yourself the question –

‘What is stopping me?’

It could be a really legitimate roadblock – money, chronic health condition, current qualifications and the logistics of re-training – and that’s all fair enough.

But what if it’s just a self-sabotaging excuse?

Here’s my thing.

I wanted to get fit, yeah, shed some kilos, but my arthritic knee was stopping me. I was in a vicious cycle of it hurts to walk, walking will drop the kilos, which will take pressure off my knee, which means it won’t hurt so much to walk, but it hurts to walk. And around and around I went.

Imagined roadblock right there.

There are more ways to get fit besides walking. Who knew? There bikes (stationary and otherwise),  strength training, rowing machines and ski-ergs. Find a good PT, they will give you regressive movements and work-arounds for anything you genuinely can’t do.

If you come across a roadblock, there is usually a way around if you’re willing to look a bit further and find it.

So…………….what’s stopping YOU?