What Lead Me Here?

To look at me, I’m a very unlikely looking Health Coach. I’m a little bit older and a bigger bit heavier than you’d assume. Yet, here I am.

Like many people who get into this game, it started with my own (hang on a sec, while I google synonyms for the word ‘journey’.  So over that bloody word. Ooooo – ‘odyssey’. That sounds better) odyssey  toward my own fitness and overall health.

My food intake wasn’t too bad. Don’t get me wrong – I love a hot chip and a kebab with a baklava chaser as much as the next person, but fortunately, I find fresh fruit and veg delicious too, so it’s pretty easy for me to get stuck into them.

I just realised that I was getting older, and that there were certain things I wasn’t willing to give up. I don’t want to be the nanna that can’t go in the surf, or on the water slide or play cricket.  I want my husband and I to be able to walk beaches, snorkel and kayak into our 70’s and 80’s at least.

So, aforementioned husband found a gym, and we signed up before I had a chance to think about it too hard. (I have always hated sport and any kind of exercise, to the point of fear and feeling physically sick at the prospect. Turns out there’s honest to goodness psychological reasons for that – but that’s a story for another day).

My first training session wasn’t much fun. Yep, thought I was gonna spew. After that, though, I found the more I trained, the better and stronger I felt. And the better and stronger I felt, the more I wanted to train, and before I knew it I (gasp!!!) enjoyed it! No one was more shocked at that than me, I can assure you. To go the whole hog, I started seeing a dietitian, because, you know, go big or go home, and she is fantastic, which was a revelation for me. In the past any dietitian I had encountered had been condescending, rude and distrusting. This lady is the polar opposite of that (Steph, you are a champion).

So, why did I decide to study health and nutrition coaching? In a nutshell, at 51, I feel fantastic, and want to help people feel as good as I do.  I hate hearing the phrase ‘if I can do it, anybody can’, but in my case, it’s true. Honestly. I was the chick who’d get a taxi to the bus stop.

Please understand I’m not there yet. My odyssey (lol!!) continues. I can’t do burpees, I’m always working on my knee and ankle mobility, and I don’t run if I can help it. That’s what ab bikes and rowing machines are for. In fact, if you see me running, I suggest you follow me. I’ll be running from something nasty – like a bomb. Or zombies. I eat cakes and muffins now and then, but am learning to do so properly. That is, with intention for enjoyment. Not mindlessly because I’m stressed, sad or angry.

I also truly believe that we need to get the inside right before we can tackle the outside. Which is why when I complete my studies, I plan on coaching for overall wellbeing. I have seen way, way too many people – women, mainly, but guys, too – waste years at war with their bodies and never being 100% happy because of it. Besides, I think everyone had taken an emotional hit with this pandemic. We’re probably all going to need a bit of help with our wellbeing coming out the other side.

I won’t be a qualified coach for a while yet, but in the meantime I’ll be sharing recipes and tips, and bits and pieces of what I’m learning.

This is going to be fun. Feel free to come with.

Stay happy, Tracey