what can you expect during a reiki healing session

While Reiki is growing in popularity, there is still a degree of mystery surrounding what it is and what goes down during a treatment.

(If you want to know what Reiki actually is, check out my article ‘What is Reiki (and why you are right to be skeptical)’).

So – what can you expect from a typical reiki treatment?

Typically, a Reiki treatment lasts from 45 minutes to an hour, although many practitioners offer 30 minute treatments as well.

When you arrive, we’ll have a bit of a chat just to check you’re OK, whether or not you’re a bit nervous or whether you have some specific issue you need help with.

By the way – if you’re not comfortable telling your practitioner about a specific problem, you don’t have to. They don’t need to know. The Reiki energy will find its own way to where it needs to be with very little help. It’s really smart, like that 😊

Once you’re happy, your practitioner will have you jump on their treatment table, which is typically a massage table. If it’s chilly, they may have blankets or a light doona, or nothing if it’s warmer. They will probably have an eye pillow, but won’t use it if you’re uncomfortable with that. They will probably have oils or scented candles burning, the room will be darkened or have soft lighting and music playing. This is all to relax both you and the practitioner, but if you’re uncomfortable with any of it, speak up.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Reiki treatments are done clothes on. This isn’t massage – we don’t need that kind of access to your muscles.

When you’re comfortable, the treatment will begin.

The practitioner will then begin by placing my hands-on different points over your body – the top of your head, your ears, shoulders, hands, knees and the soles of your feet. When energy is directed to your heart space and solar plexus (belly) they will hold their hands a couple of inches above your body.

Once hands are placed on you, they stay static for a length of time. As I said before, this isn’t massage. Muscles don’t need to be manipulated in any way.

All you need to do is lie there and chill. You may feel some tingles, you may nod off, you may feel nothing. That’s all cool. Many practitioners normally don’t speak during a treatment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. If you are feeling uncomfortable or nervous at any stage, or if you want the treatment to stop for any reason, don’t hesitate to say so.

By the way, if you’re not comfortable being touched anywhere (some people don’t like their ears being touched) or at all, mention that. You can either be treated you while you’re under a blanket or doona, or the practitioner will hold their hands a couple of inches above you. The treatment is just as effective and remember, this is all about your relaxation and comfort.

Once the treatment is over, they’ll ask that you’re all OK. You may feel a bit groggy but that is more likely to be from being very relaxed – possibly even asleep or dozing – for an hour rather than from the Reiki itself. (Don’t feel embarrassed about nodding off – Reiki practitioners are used to clients having a doze – that’s when the best healing happens, when we get out of our heads. I’ve nodded off while receiving a Reiki healing more than once).

So, there you have it. That’s what a treatment with me looks like. Obviously, I can’t speak for all practitioners, but you’ll probably find things won’t differ too much from one to another.

As always you don’t need to be after a treatment to get in touch – there are heaps of resources out there about Reiki, but feel free to drop me an email with any questions.

Yours in Wellness, my friends.

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